I now offer Lightroom and Photoshop (PSCC) editing training remotely via zoom or TeamViewer.  For those living in the Denver Metro area I also provide personal camera training. Also check out my meetup @ Metro Denver Photography Group or web site @ https://www.meetup.com/Metro-Denver-Photography-Group/.

All Education is @ $50.00/hr.

Please use "Contact Me" form for requests


Grace Benavidex

I have been attending Bob's photography meetups/workshops in the field and online for a few years now. His genuine efforts to help along with his expertise have undoubtedly made me a better photographer. Recently, Bob helped me edit a favorite photo taken on a recent meetup so that it could be printed and proudly displayed on metal. The results were amazing! I'm looking forward to more photo learning adventures in the future. And aside from being a pro, he's a super nice guy.

Greg Beca

I have been fortunate to have taken three workshops with Bob Coorsen. I really appreciate his teaching style. He keeps the pace flowing, makes things interesting, and is generous in sharing his knowledge. I’ve learned a great deal from Bob in these workshops. The workshops have definitely increased my photography skills. I would highly recommend any workshop put on by Bob.

Barb Arne

Bob Coorsen has helped me understand technical aspects of photography such as histograms in a way that I can understand. Being right brained I struggle with some of the technical details involved with digital photography. He is always kind and supportive when teaching us out in the field. If you want to learn more about photography whether it’s with equipment, software or most other aspects of digital photography, Bob will surely have an answer.